The London FinTechs Network - London Networking Events For The Fintech Sector - Banking, APIs, Payments, Investments, Lending, Legal Firms, RegTech, Consultants

Our Aims

London has for centuries been a centre of international finance, with trusted banking, a secure legal environment and long-established trading exchanges and insurance institutions. In the digital era it has naturally become a global leader and emerging hub for fintech companies which use technology to improve financial services and offer new innovative products.

We’ve been running London business networking events for over a decade - helping generate thousands of new connections millions of pounds of business. As both our founders were work in in FinTech it seemed a natural progression to offer events for this sector that London excels in.

Fintech covers a wide range of sectors including: banking, crowdfunding, crypto, insuretech, lending, p2p, payments, regtech, robo-advising etc. etc. All are welcome incluidng those that work in firms that support other firms in these sectors.

Our events are extremely friendly and open to anyone to book. The key to remember is not to "sell" at these events but to "help". You may have a client that needs another attendee’s services and vice-versa. This way you build an effective network where you all works together for maximum profit.